comprehensive cleaning service for your business or corporation

We offers a comprehensive cleaning service for your business or corporation, no matter the size

•Specialized cleaning works
•Pre-occupation cleans
•Blinking Clean Audits
•Stripping and sealing of various floor surfaces
•Preparation and restoration of floor surfaces
•Carpet Cleaning and maintenance etc.

Contract cleaning services offered to



Industrial Premises/Factories




Nursing Homes


Shopping Centers etc.

Services are all done on site, saving the Employer money and time.

We offer well trained and competent staff who fully understands the hazards and the risks related to their jobs.

We are committed to provide a professional and efficient service, tailored to respond to the individual needs of our clients.

We fully understands the benefits of a clean & hygienic work Environment and our commitment to providing the best service available can be seen through our documented QMS.

Proper planning of required tasks, developing work site procedure and detailed Job Schedules is the starting point for operations. This ensures that all contractual and service objectives are built in and planned for.

Staff is introduced to these as part of the site specific training and are then assessed against these for on-going performance monitoring. We find that detailed and specific instructions leave little room for confusion and ensure that detailed work and periodic work take place (quality). This is a vital step in the achievement of our service objectives.