Dynamic Health & Safety Executives

TRULY TOPAZ MEDICAL SOLUTION is a dynamic Health and Safety Executive who specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of health and safety systems to medium and large employer groups across various industries, thereby ensuring legislative compliance and a healthy productive workforce.


& Industrial Suppliers


Retail Stores & Warehouses

Hotels, Restaurants and many others

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Occupational Health Services

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Training & Development

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Medical Services

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Hygiene Cleaning Services

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Clinic Management

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Corporate Health and Wellness

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Our Vision

“To be the preferred and leading Training Provider, educating and empowering human life GLOBALY”.

Our Mission

We are a passionate, committed Health and Safety Executive entity that wants to understand and lead its customers through excellence and a deep knowledge of our services and the country we live in. By ensuring that we put the nation at the centre of everything we do. To effect meaningful change in the individuals so they can, in return make meaningful contribution to their people.

Our Values

Happy Staff,
>Demonstrate integrity in all our actions ,
> Strive to exceed the needs of our customers and our society,
>Take responsibility for the quality of our work,
>Be reliable and deliver on time,
>Display leadership in what we do.

We are accredited.